Stylist Levels  
At Intrigue Salon we offer several different levels of stylists according to their skills and your budget. All of our stylists undergo education and evaluations before moving to the next level.
  Protege New in the Industry but Graduated from a top notch hair school and assisted for at least a year at Intrigue. Attends weekly educational classes.  
  Designer 1-2 years experience while still receiving education from International top hair dressers. Continues education with weekly classes.  
  Master In the business 2-6 years while attending advanced educational classes throughout the year.  
  Executive Experienced hair stylists who act as educators for our salon and often have an assistant they are training.  
  Director I Very experienced and skilled hair stylists in the salon that teach in our salon as well as teaching classes nationally.  
  Director II
Our most experienced and skilled hair stylists in the salon.