Intrigue Salon is currently home to OVER 50 staff members. Applications and visits to our salon are encouraged.

We are located in the heart of East Cobb in a high end suburban area. Our location is highly visible and prime to your clientele. Find out how you can join our team!


  • Build your clientele within 6 months.
  • Fast track to your own chair. IRA matching up to 3%.
  • Commission salon.
  • We are not departmentalized.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Participate in photo shoots, fashion shows.
  • High tech tracking of your progress.
  • Vacation Pay, and Insurance available.
  • Daily Bonuses.
  • No uniform attire.
  • Regular educational classes.
  • Station products provided.
  • Flexible schedules and availability to have every other Saturday off after a year.
  • Online booking.
  • Advertising and promotions.

If interested, drop off your resume in person to Intrigue Salon.
All applicants will be required to come into the salon to fill out an application and drop off a resume.
We are always searching for top experienced hairstylists so come by anytime to visit!


Current Assistant Requirements are that you must be a graduate of hair school or currently have a license. Assistants have a 9-18 month program they must complete to start taking clients on the floor at Intrigue Salon. This program requires them to take 7 classes a month and produce a minimum of 3 models each month.

Once the assistants have moved onto the floor, they are still required to attend a minimum of 3 three classes per month. In this program we will cover a wide range from core cutting and coloring techniques, to event styling, to chemical perms and relaxers. Each month we will focus on a new technique. The program is designed so that the 2 mannequin heads that are provided at the beginning of their employment last the entire program.

The first week of the month there will be a mannequin class in which we will go over that month's technique section by section. The following week we will have a model class in which Intrigue will provide a model for you. You will need to be checked off by a senior stylist before the model goes home. You will also be assisted and guided by a protégé. Following this class you will have the remainder of the month to provide 2 more models yourself. If you cannot find 2 models for that month or all criteria is not met within the models you have provided, you will not proceed with the program until completed. There will be one 'fun' class a month in with the protégés and assistants are required to attend. This will be a chance for any assistants that are behind, to catch up. This will also be an opportunity to learn, new advanced techniques for the protégés.

Once all criteria have been met and the checklist has been completed, the assistants will be responsible to provide models for a mock day in the salon. You will have to provide one men's hair cut, one woman's short cut, one bob with graduation, one layered cut, a single process, a highlight, and one single process highlight together. You may combine one cut technique with a color technique on one client, of course. During this mock work day, you will be watched for timing, professionalism, technique, and satisfaction of client.

If all criteria are met, you will begin on the floor on Mondays the following month. After that month you will receive a review from the senior stylist you are working under, an educator, and the owner. Within that meeting they will discuss your future at Intrigue Salon.

Once on the floor at Intrigue Salon, the education does not stop. You are still required a minimum of 3 classes per month. The 'fun' class is one of 3 you must attend. There will be a sign up sheet the beginning of each month to help in the model classes, and that will be a second. The other ways to complete your monthly requirement is an out-of-salon class; this could be a hair show in which you provide a ticket stub for, a DVD you watch and provide a mannequin for, ect (be creative). You will still be watched and monitored carefully so that you keep the enthusiasm and talent that is required to continue to be a member at Club Intrigue.

It is not the responsibility of anyone at Intrigue but yourself to keep up with classes. For assistants, ALL of these are REQUIRED classes. For protégés the 'fun' classes are REQUIRED. If you cannot attend a class, please let an educator know immediately. For every 3 classes you miss a year, you must make your totals one extra month to move up within the salon. Remember, those of us that are taking time out of our schedule to be here and advance your career, take this very seriously, so please show the same respect and take us and our classes seriously.