American Wave

Featuring modern ionic technology, the American Wave System in a new, innovative, and exclusive professional wave and texture enhancing service stylists use to create everything from cascading beachy waves to expanded textures to full-blown curls.

Without dryness, damage, off-putting smells, or styling restrictions we can change the texture of hair that is already curly, use it to give fine hair types a volume boost, create a mélange of different textures, and give waves and curls to anyone that wants them. Using creative soft tool design wraps Arrojo has created a new salon service professionals can use to give a new wave of styling options to all salon clients.

American Wave is a revolution in adding volume, texture, wave or curl into hair. With buzz in the beauty press and stylists across the country already certified and using the service, American Wave is creating a brave new world of texture enhancement for clients. Call the salon at 770.977.3696 to make an appointment with a certified stylist.